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For the Love of Beer

Late night work in the garage and cold beer go hand in hand and Hopspower blends our passion for hoppy beer and horsepower on the road. We have been working on both for the last few years now and are ready to share our passions with you!

We had the crazy idea of starting a hops farm, probably over a couple of delicious craft beers, and started the process of looking for the right property with the right terroir. This led us to a nice little spot outside of Kamloops that has proven just right to grow a number of varieties including Triumph, Chinook, Comet, Cashmere, Centennial, and Cascades! We are particularly proud of our Comets and Chinook, which continue to be our best producers. 

Thank goodness for some amazing friends and family who have helped us to get plants in the ground, water to the hops, and buds to the harvester. For two city slickers, our friends and families have made our dream possible.

Growing along with our hops are our hardest working farmhands, the hopdogs - Gus and Fred! We couldn't get as much done without these two helping us out! Follow us on instagram to see all the hopdog shenanigans!

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